Spanish chocolate is something of a new experience . Spain isn't the country that jumps to mind when one says chocolate, but chocolatiers from Spain have become some of the major players in pushing the envelope on new and interesting chocolate. Cacao Sampaka is a rising brand in the world of chocolate and it takes little more than a taste to understand why. From the quality of the cacao beans, the ratios of ingredients, the processing method, and the variety of flavors, Cacao Sampaka leaves a unique impression upon the palette that makes the average person wonder if this is the true face of chocolate at its finest.


We have an excellent assortment from Sampaka, and I have had the laborious  task of tasting these fantastic flavors. Each package comes with a pair of very slim bars, the thinness of the chocolate bars helps to accent the flavors within.  


Size: 3.5 oz

Cacao Sampaka

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